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It is all about value. A Business Innovation Partner helps organizations spend better, save more, and create repeatable sustainable processes. Partners leverage their expertise to craft and support best practices for customer organizations and help them reduce their spend and improve sourcing and procurement processes. Some of our partners bring business transformation or process improvement expertise, others bring geographic or market knowledge, and still others bring integration experience.

The one thing they have in common is that increasing customer value is at the core of their organization.

The things we don’t do, our partners do incredibly well. Customers often need more than just easy to use solutions. They want guidance, they may need domain expertise, and they would like industry best practices and benchmark processes to follow. Our software empowers a lot of these things, but there is a lot of added value in the content, the knowledge and the experience that comes from our Partners.

  • Consulting Partners: Does your organization provide full service advisory, consulting and even the occasional extra staffing help that a procurement team may need? You could be the kind of Consulting Partner that Business Innovation is looking for.
  • Sourcing Partners: Do you focus on helping organizations identify the best sources of supply, specialize in least cost country sourcing, or leverage aggregated buying groups? Consider being a Business Innovation Sourcing Partner.
  • Integration Partners: Can you support our customers who want to install or integrate our spend management software in their IT environment? Can you handle easy to integrate solutions as well as something that requires some finesse? If you have the ERP integration experience our customers look for, then maybe being an Integration Partner is for you.