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Fees Calculation Software

Fees Collection Software is a unique product for Academic Institutions, Educational Institutes, Management Schools, and Office Automation Tools for Schools, Training Centers, Tuition / Coaching Institutes in India and Worldwide. Low cost Software Products / Tools for Government Schools and Private Managements Schools in India.
Fees collection & receipt printing is the most important department of a school, because this is the major source of income and major activity of any day in a school. In a school, you will need to receive fees from hundreds of students in a day and issue receipts to them. This process should be very fast and accurate. 

Salient Features of School Fee Management System

  • Fast data entry and receipt printing
  • The Partial payment facility, balance adjustment facility, Fee relaxation facility, % wise discount, optional fees, concession, hostel fees system, transportation fees and separate conveyance facility and many more.
  • Fee concession/waiver facility, where you can give full fee concession/relaxation to a student. Here you can set the tuition fee of the student to zero.
  • Easy Transfer of students from one class to next class. No need to register the same student again. Just select and transfer/promote them to next class.

Advantages of School Fees System Software

  • Flexible Fee structure
  • Handle all types of fee heads
  • Handle all types of fee schedules (one-time fee, refundable fee, annually fee, monthly fee, weekly fee, daily fee, installments)
  • Fast data entry
  • Fast Receipt printing
  • One screen for all data entry
  • User based strict security and permissions
  • Single click fast operation
  • Automatic calculation of pending fee
  • Automatic calculation of concessions applicable
  • Different fees to old students and new students
  • Parking Fees
  • Migration Fees
  • Flexible fee structure: one-time fee, refundable fee, annually fee, monthly fee, weekly fee, daily fee, installments
  • Optional fees components
  • Games fee
  • Receipts printing on all types of printers according to your own design