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Graphics and Multimedia Solution

Business Innovation offers a wide range of professional graphic design services including logo design, corporate identity development, multimedia and flash presentations. Graphics are used to direct viewer’s attention to promotional material. They affect the most dominant of human senses (vision). Well placed and designed graphics can influence viewer in an intended manner.

We  believes in the concept of emotional design, which is basically a blending of graphic design with human emotions to make the product come alive through a specific media, thus creating an emotion inducing presence in the audience’s minds. Business Innovation’s creative architects have a firm grasp of design principles that are complimented well by our executives’ who apply the most effective marketing strategies.

We lay solid foundation in web design development. Keeping track of the latest technological innovations we make good use of the most advanced web design tools, thus ensuring the top-notch quality of the end-product and complete satisfaction of our customers. Our step-by-step process guarantees that nothing is overlooked in the final product. Well designed graphics and multimedia make an ordinary site alive. We grab and hold your audience by just using graphics and multimedia in an effective manner.

Thus our creations are not only visually appealing but they also satisfy the marketing goals of our clients.

Flash Web Design

To set your organization apart from the crowd requires a distinctive identity and personality for your on line and off line marketing.
Professionally made and successful corporate identity design and corporate identity logo design contributes apparently to the success of the whole enterprise, because it gives your company and your brand name immediate credibility and lasting recognition.
Our professionals in graphic design are experienced to provide you with fresh and creative ideas for your logo and give it a distinctive and eye-catching look. If you already have a logo, we can advance it into web formats making use of latest graphics programs. We have experience developing logos for various business needs, from visiting cards to business websites.

Flash Web Design

By using Adobe’s popular design platform, Flash, our graphic design team can integrate video, audio, text and animated graphics to create a truly impressive user experience. A flash header or flash based menu gives a professional and interactive feel to your web site without distracting your site visitor.

3D Graphics Design Services

Imagine a Web site that literally grabs its user and pulls them in.  No, we can't do that, but we'll get you as close as reality allows. 3 Dimensional computer graphics will give your message the illusion of depth not available through traditional graphics design software.

Flash Animation Service

 We provide flash animation services that can incorporate into your trade show display and handed out on CDs or DVDs to trade show attendees. The digital trade show presentations we create are designed to attract attention to your display.