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Institute Management System

After much research we have developed an automated system that not only saves time and money but also gives you complete control and accessibility at any time of the hour and wherever you are:-

  • It transforms your day to day operations by atomizing the routine management tasks.
  • It operates on your current systems and leverage existing technology, which is platform independent, and browser based.
  • It helps to improve the quality and effectiveness of education by empowering real-time information and access to educational resources online.
  • It centralizes your data related to learning and automates routine classroom and administrative functions.
  • It needs less hardware and eliminates many maintenance tasks associated with legacy-based systems.
  • It’s up gradation takes place automatically from the server.
  • It offers security features and accessibility.
  • It monitor’s student functions such as attendance, grading, discipline, family, and medical information are efficiently managed.
  • It creates instant customizable reports of any feature that is required.

After carefully studying the educational environment in the region given below are the key features of the product that have been designed by us to serve the need for institutes:

User Management (Required for users to log into the system)

Add/Alter/Remove/Disable/Enable/Restore User

  • Search
  • Rights Management
  • Change Password
  • Update Contact Details
  • Update Default Contact Address
  • Password Reset/Recovery Assistance (for Lost Password Cases)
  • Reports
    • Access User Details
    • Generate User Activity Patterns
      • Login Activity

Administration Management System

  • Create/Add/ data
  • Update/Remove data
  • Reports


Employee Management System

  • Add/Alter/Remove Employee
  • Search

Category Management System

  • Add/Alter/Remove Category
  • Search

Student Management System

  • Create/Add/ data
  • Update/Remove data
  • Reports
    • Remarks Report (Individual)
    • Leave Status Report (Cumulative)

Exhibition & Maintenance