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Library Management System

Library Management System is a comprehensive library management solution that is suitable for both large and small libraries. Its flexible design enables OUR Library Management System to be installed in a range of Library organizations, ranging from public libraries, through to academic, joint use and special libraries. One of OUR Library Management Software's strengths is that while it has been developed using the latest software technologies (Windows based Client Server) it is also a mature, proven system.

Key Features of the Library Management System

Maintain Any Media

  • You can define a number of things that one wants to keep track of.
  • One can maintain different kinds of media like Book, CD, File Documents, Video Cassette, and Audio Cassette.
  • One can maintain media with its own specifications rather than common.
  • You define the specification you want for that media, for book (pages, ISDN number, type, volume).

Powerful Search Engine

  • Our Library Software includes searches for words, phrases and more within single sentences in a book, or your entire library.
  • Includes (+," ",-) operators.
  • 'Powerful reference searching' you can find resources about any given media anywhere in your library.
  • Find media by any keyword typed in text box or by selecting the name of media author, publisher or subject also find different combinations of author, publisher, subject and sub subject.
  • Define search field and select particular fields to display the result.

Custom Field Indices

  • Our Library Software provides sorted data on required fields by clicking on the column header. i.e. if clicked on publisher the data will be sorted on publisher.
  • One each master form.

Issue Criteria

  • Set criteria for the Group of members against the media type so that it is easy to maintain and track the criteria data of particular group.

Lock System

  • Lock the subject or group of the member, so that media can't be issued which falls under this criteria. One can in this way restrict the issuing of the media.


  • Easy operation of circulation by entering the code of media, get all the information related to the media and the number. (name, group, media type)

Easy Navigation and Updating

  • Selecting an option from the given menu provides all the data related to that option in tabular format in a user friendly manner.

Auto Filter & Auto Search

  • On each master form, Our Library Software will search on the field where your cursor is and what you type is taken as a search value.

Help and User's Guide

  • It gives informative help and makes it easy to understand by pressing F1.
  • Provides informative help for each form of the system and also describes each field on the form.


  • User can customize the system to feel easier for data entry.
  • While adding records user can keep form in 'add' mode. Define Holidays.
  • Set the criteria of issuing the book if member is requested for media or not.

Stack - Period

  • Define the time duration for which the library is closed, so while calculating the fine of Member those days can be subtracted.


  • Define their own scrap type for scraping the media. Provides scrap runner utility to record the number of scrap media.


  • Member wise report.
  • Media wise report.
  • Time duration and media name for which user want the report.
  • More specific report.


  • Out of the box support for barcode label printing-scanning easy implementation of total solution.