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In today's complex world, sustainability is the key to whole range of issues. The executive responsible to plan and optimize this field is critical to the new-age success of an organization. Working with multiple stakeholders, dealing in all aspects of sustainable IT across geographies provides a unique challenge.
In the new sustainability environment, IT touches every aspect ranging from Energy Conservation to Water and Waste Management to Recycling of Goods and designing Re-useable Components.

‘Green’ Information Technology

With increasing market pressure to "go green", IT professionals may find they are given aggressive but vague sustainability targets with no clear objectives or budget to achieve them. Because of its central role to the enterprise, IT is often given the role of facilitator to bring together all departments with a unified sustainability plan. Senior management may ask IT to launch innovative technologies to facilitate changes in organizational behavior. Whether the goal is to reduce energy consumption or help formulate policy for reducing e-waste, IT Green can help an organization get started with a sustainability program.
Information Technology can be integrated in terms of Energy Management, digital information sharing to reducing paper waste or deploying applications over the Internet, to reducing travel time and reduce carbon footprints. Information Technology has indeed become the baseline for any introduction of sustainable practices in today's world.

At Business Innovation, our Environmental Commitment is followed in letter and spirit at every level of the organization. Many advance investments have been made to ensure long term benefits and that we minimize our impact on the natural environment
Business Innovation Environmental Commitment
  • Measure
    The Line of Code (LOC) development to ensure products are highly efficient low disk space consuming with least impact on the overall power consumption, plus a continuous focus on reusable components.
  • Manage
    Every location of Business Innovation is designed to minimize energy consumption, recycle paper and other materials for internal utilization and respect the local environment.
  • Commitment
    Every product we develop ensures the customer receives al reports via the system, thereby avoiding the need to print unless it is for legal or statutory purposes. During implementation at the customer venue, we are conscious of the Green Effects condition and are fully committed to optimize their site wherever possible.