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Our Work-Culture


Business Innovation prides itself on its relaxed and open Company culture - one that fosters creativity, and open communication. Business Innovation encourages a climate of individual growth, career opportunities and training across a variety of skills.

Our company culture is created every day by all of the self-motivated, committed professionals who work here. We don't pin lists of values on the wall. They're expressed in the way we work, with each other and with our clients. We make Business Innovation an enjoyable place to work. Business Innovation believes people who enjoy what they do, do it well, and this will be reflected in the way staff handle customers.

We believe managers should be accessible to all staff and show their commitment to this by taking frequent informal walkabouts. This has the benefit of making our managers accessible to everyone and by allowing our managers to find out if there are any problems from the people who have primary contact with our customers.

The company is focused on web application, software and ITES applications in many business domains, therefore, it needs technical specialists, mostly in PHP and .NET platforms, combined with exposure in application areas like, knowledge management, BFSI, eGovernance, HR, SCM, ERP, electronic media and education. The company has modern infrastructure with adequate hardware, software tools and Internet connectivity.

The software engineers and consultants working with the company enjoy flexibility in working environment that encourages creativity and skills development. For instance, flexi work timings for all, option to work from home for certain positions, pursuing courses or even teaching special subjects in schools and colleges help to provide space to individuals and pursue their passions so long as work objectives are not compromised. In other words, individuals set their own targets and share them with their colleagues and leaders who are there to help.

No one works within narrowly defined or rigid boundaries in the company; all staff is encouraged to broaden their understanding of all aspects of the problem, i.e. the technical and user sides, while remaining engaged in the areas of their interest and expertise. This way every professional develops a broader vision and acquires attitudes to perform as a more responsible and committed team member, one who is sensitive to each other’s roles but who is not shy of making suggestions or constructive criticism.

The company subscribes to equal opportunity principles, respects merit and empowerment of all professionals regardless of their experience or socio-economic background.