Alerts Management for Responsive and Instant Messaging

Custom messaging with easy personalization.

Compose SMS in regional languages.

Scheduler to specify a date and time for your message to be delivered.

Stagger your messages over time instead of sending them all together

Media-rich SMS with image, document attachments, sitelinks, surveys, etc.

Frequently, important information or updates need to be circulated to a targeted set of audience. Applications that assist in addressing these needs are in high demand.

Business Innovations offers a service that ensures you are well connected to your targeted market. A comprehensive and state of art solution, it packs a wealth of features into a single business solution.

Our SMS Service can be used to broadcast news, event details, public welfare schemes and much more. The service comes with enterprise-ready features, flexible pricing, and a scalable infrastructure. Users have the option of choosing a tiered account structure which allows for centralized and decentralized reporting.

With its SMS service MARG offers -

  • A robust SMS gateway that can easily handle large volumes
  • Customizable and password protected SMS templates
  • Multiple user roles with detailed audit trails
  • Efficient documentation of SMS replies
  • iOS and Android mobile apps for easy SMS management
  • Ability to send multimedia messages
  • Email to SMS gateway
  • Custom Opt-in lists using a DND manager
  • Custom reports and campaign metrics
  • Simple SMS API code for developers